You are intimidating

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You are intimidating

Most of the time, I’m the one that’s intimidating men, but on the rare occasion, it’s the other way around. When a man is intimidating, there’s not a good way for me to maneuver around.

I become nervous, I can’t think of anything to say – I literally become an entirely different person.

They acquire knowledge in order to understand people and the world on a deeper level, and are irked by those who do not.

Most notably, these people don’t require the consensus of others to determine whether or not their outlook is valid.

Generally speaking, strong people are well (often self) educated. This open-minded attitude often invites curiosity and promotes acceptance.

Now, that’s what you should be doing, however, some women are going to be intimidated by your “go-getter” attitude if they’re not as motivated.

[Read: 30 alpha male traits that make you a real alpha] #11 You don’t need her. Maybe it’s because you’ve been single for so long or maybe it’s because you’re content with yourself.

If it looks like you don’t need a woman, that can come across as intimidating. Because when people see that you’re content with yourself, it makes them uncomfortable with their own internal feelings.

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If so, you’re wondering if a woman is intimidated by you, well, it’s looking like this may be truer than not.

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Strong people have a way of making opportunities without needing much assistance from others.

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