Wpf canexecute not updating how to get back in the dating game

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For each command I would need to implement a new class.To solve that problem there is the Relay Commandimplementation that is a command that can be instantiated passing the actions to be executed as in the following: With this implementation I can specify what I want to execute when I create the command, so I don't need to implement a new class for each different action I want to take.

In Code-behind, we have two events for each button: One that performs the actual action, which name ends with _Executed, and then the Can Execute events.A thing to notice is that this command has a default keyboard shortcut defined, which you get as an added bonus.Instead of clicking the button, you can try to press Ctrl N on your keyboard - the result is the same.Hello, I only want that my update button is active if entries are edited AND it's not the first load.When i go on my page, data is loaded in entries and Is Edited switch to True, result my update button is active.

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The visual interface consists of a single button, which we attach the command to using the Command property. The Can Execute handler, which WPF will call when the application is idle to see if the specific command is currently available, is very simple for this example, as we want this particular command to be available all the time.

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