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For example, firefighters rush to vehicle crashes, fires, and other emergencies only a few miles from their homes.

A stakeholder is a person or an organisation who has a 'stake' in the company. Other examples include: suppliers, banks and even government.

Suburban communities and satellite offices in large cities give employees the opportunity to work where they live. We have already mentioned several positions: firefighter, police officer, and school teacher; and there are countless others such as recreation coordinator, public information officer, a sanitation worker, social worker, and probation officer.

There are jobs within each department whereby you might work in an office for the mayor, the social service department, senior citizen center, or the library.

For now, you'll need to contact state health department immunization program websites to find this information.

Local government is a great place to make a living.

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(Mass Marketing and Relationship marketing are the easy bits, its the stakeholder is the harder one.) It depends on the project.

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