Who is wilmer valderrama dating

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Who is wilmer valderrama dating

After six loving years together, when many of us (including Demi’s mom) were expecting to hear that the lovebirds were taking a journey into forever, Wilmer Valderrama took to Instagram to announce they were ending their relationship, he didn’t state the reason for the break-up asides that they realized they are better off as friends. Lovato would later confirm Welmer’s Instagram post in a documentary, stating that their break-up had nothing to do with falling out of love but partly due to her personal struggles.

She was determined to move on after the break-up but that has not really been that easy for her.

Lovato explained in the documentary how she almost fell apart seeing Wilmer for the first six months after their break-up, she has questioned if breaking up was the right decision. However, after spending ten days in the hospital for a drug overdose, Demi Lovato has accepted to get help from a drug treatment center.

The way Wilmer Valderrama ran off to Demi’s bedside after the news of her overdose and hospitalization broke the internet in July 2018, is a strong indication, he has also not gotten over her yet.

If they loved each other so much, why then did they break-up?

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They met for the first time in 2009 when Demi was just seventeen years old and began dating the next year when she turned eighteen and according to the singer, it was love at first sight. He, however, added in the Instagram post that it was an incredibly difficult decision for both of them to make.

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