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In 1989he received his first role as Sam in The tailor of Glucester. But his internationally acclaimed role was that of Dickie Greenleaf in The Talented Mr. For his performance, Law garnered many awards including a BAFTA, Blockbuster Entertainment Award. Artificial Intelligence got him nominated in Chicago Film Critics Association Award, Golden Globe award and many more. He additionally won a National Board of Review Award for his role in 2004s Closer.

He was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, MTV Movie Award and many more. He was seen in movies like The Aviator, Sky Captain and the World of tomorrow, The Holiday, Sherlock Holmes, Repo Men, Rise of the Guardians and many more.

Despite occasionally losing track of the number of children he has, in a 2009 Letterman interview he said he had three, when in fact he was up to number four, Law is said to take his responsibilities seriously.Fortunately for the three of them, mom Sadie and dad Jude are reported to have a friendly relationship now, allowing their children to enjoy the company of both parents without the difficulties that often arise when divorced couples part and war breaks out.So bad was her PPD after son Rafferty was born, she had to be hospitalized until a medication regime could be found that helped her.I could have ignored it, but thankfully my instinct told me to go straight over and take a closer look.On the end of her tongue was a small grey tablet with a line through it.

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He then had a relationship with Catherine Harding with whom he has a child named Ada.