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Who is dating javier bardem

The movie is a very Spanish, very Woody Allen exploration of the definition of love, chock full of dreamy dialogue and nondiegetic strumming guitars.

But it is most known for the polyamorous relationship between Juan Antonio, Cristina, and Maria Elena—not to mention the other love affair between Juan Antonio and Vicky, who is engaged to Chris Messina’s Doug.

After the panel moderator rattled off Bardem and Cruz’s similarly lauded résumés—each actor has been working for decades, earned three Oscar nominations, and won one Academy Award—a journalist asked whether they were paid equally for hitting the hot-button issue of Hollywood’s long-troublesome wage gap.“Yes,” said Cruz.

Look at the way she looks at him: is the duo’s most iconic feature film together.

In the movie, Cruz and Bardem play ex-spouses Maria Elena and Juan Antonio, who really spice up Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina’s (Scarlett Johansson) trip to Barcelona (and now you know how the movie got its name).

When Laura’s teenage daughter (Carla Campra) is kidnapped during a raucous reception, Laura spirals through heartbreak, suspicion, and crippling helplessness as an ex-boyfriend (Bardem) attempts to help her track down the child.

The film is a 130-minute showcase of Cruz’s dramatic depths.“This woman suffers constantly,” said Cruz, about the punishing ordeal her character faces.

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Not exactly relationship goals, but still worth checking out, if only to see the two of them together.