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Since he was her Birthday Buddy Ciara trusted him and followed.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, Theo saw them leave together and would later pinpoint Kyle because of a unique angel tattoo on his arm.

In fact, it was also revealed that Dean was the mastermind behind the kidnapping.

He had told Brenda and Kyle that Hope was wealthy and they could ransom Ciara then skip town once they collected the money.

Kyle took Ciara to a remote cabin in the woods where she was bound, blindfolded, and given an MP3 player so that she couldnt hear what was going on around her.

(maternal second cousin) Nick Fallon (maternal second cousin; deceased) Will Horton (paternal first half-cousin once removed / maternal second cousin; deceased) John "Johnny" Roman Di Mera (paternal first half-cousin once removed) Alice "Allie" Caroline Horton (paternal first half-cousin once removed / maternal second cousin) Sydney Di Mera (paternal first half-cousin once removed) Arianna Grace Horton (paternal first cousin; twice removed / paternal second cousin; once removed) Thomas Deveraux (maternal second cousin once removed) Stole Reward Sticker from her teachers desk (2010) Took scissors and cut up Carly Mannings clothes (2010) Bullied Chase in elementary school (2014) Blackmailed Sami into buying her diamond earings (2014) Arrested for vandalism (May 2015) In 2006 NBC ran an on-line contest to let viewers vote for the name of Bo and Hopes baby. Those were narrowed down to three Cassidy Addison, Ciara Alice, and Rori Joy. Ciara is in honor of the Brady familys Irish heritage and her middle name as a nod to her maternal great-grandmother, Alice Horton.

To ensure Brenda and Kyle wouldnt finger him he shot and killed them while Ciara lay blindfolded nearby.

He then shot himself in the right shoulder, but blamed Brenda when Bo and Hope arrived at the cabin moments later.

Bo called his new daughter "Doodlebug" for the first few weeks of her life until he and Hope were finally able to find the perfect name.

In July of 2009, an aged Ciara was stalked by an unknown man.

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Ciara was born in the warehouse on December 29, 2006.