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Who is casey anthony dating 2016

This three-part special examines the most salacious murder case in American history. See full summary » In 2001 intern Chandra Levy vanishes.

Police search the city to find the 24-year-old woman, but a powerful man hampers the search - Chandra's alleged lover, Congressman Gary Condit. See full summary » A silver screen icon vanishes in open water on a cold November day in 1981.

What happened to Natalie Wood on the fateful day she disappears from the yacht she's staying on off Catalina ...

See full summary » When the Menendez brothers were tried on national TV for brutally killing their parents in Beverly Hills, their story became a national obsession. See full summary » When Susan Powell vanishes without a trace, her husband claims to have no idea what happened.

The key, she reportedly told him, is to threaten the girl’s boyfriends.“You gotta get all ‘Godfather’ on them,” Anthony said, referring to the iconic mafia movie. ”Radar reported that Anthony, who in 2011 was acquitted of murder in her daughter’s death, has lately been carousing day and night with her 25-year-old boyfriend.

“You got to sit them down and basically let them know you will kill them if they hurt your daughter.”She added: “You should let them know if anything happens to your daughter, their mother is going to receive a body part in the mail — a finger or a piece of skin with a tattoo on it so she knows it’s her son.”At another point Anthony offered: “Tell your daughters never date a cop. A source said that Anthony also regaled fellow bar-goers with tales of her past romances.

How long do you think the Jesse James-Casey Anthony union will last?The big new interviews are with George and Cindy Anthony.Getting to hear from the grandparents is certainly the highlight of this series since they get to share their views on their daughter, the trial and what has happened since the trial.She said one of her exes was a stalker and recalled reflexively punching another in the face when he snuck up on her from behind.“It felt good, I hate to say,” she was quoted as saying.Also, in a video reportedly taken at the bar, Anthony can be heard endorsing marijuana over alcohol.“I’ve never met an angry pothead, but I’ve met a lot of angry drunks!

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She was brought to trial for the murder of her daughter and the pre-trial and trial would get some very heated debates across America.