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Who is aj michalka dating 2016

"It happened at a bowling alley in middle America on tour in like, Michigan," she explained of that fateful night.

"They opened for us when we were all like, 15, and so we started dating and we were together for a year.

"We wanted to do projects that didn't involve the two of us.

Over time we realized making records without any sort of label support [or label funding] is really difficult.

Their songs appeared in Disney movies, their album from 2004 to 2006.)In 2010, they left Disney's label and switched their band name to 78violet with plans to release music independently. "It was a combination [of] the music business tiring us out and being young, and our love for acting," Aly, now 28-years-old, tells

"No one knows he was my first kiss," she told Buzz Feed.

"I'm pretty sure I was his, too." Aly remembers it just as clearly as AJ, apparently. I hereby dub them AJoe, Disney Channel's most underappreciated couple.

"He saw us singing and writing round the house so he encouraged us to get back out there and write music and perform...[Finally] we just said, 'Okay, let's give this one last go.'" They tapped their good friend, producer and songwriter Mike Elizondo, who they had written music with in the past, and got the ball rolling.

"Take Me" (and the four-song EP to come before a full album release in 2018) is a far cry from the old Aly & AJ, the girls say.

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EP, and the long journey that has taken them to this latest stage of their career.

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