What are the pros and cons of consolidating police agencies 2nd cousin once removed dating

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What are the pros and cons of consolidating police agencies

For example, if police make full-blown custodial arrests of all offenders, they risk reducing the police presence in the target area when they leave it to book prisoners.Or publicity about a crackdown in a target area might cause offenders simply to avoid that area and commit crimes elsewhere.For the purposes of this guide, a crackdown is generally defined as follows: 1 Crackdowns usually, but not necessarily, involve high police visibility and numerous arrests.They may use undercover or plainclothes officers working with uniformed police, and may involve other official actions in addition to arrests.Others extend to larger areaswhole neighborhoods or police districts.Others cover an entire jurisdictiona city, a county, even a state.From a problem-oriented perspective, there is a world of difference among these various crackdowns.Most of the crackdowns reported in the research literature are reasonably well-planned, coordinated, and focused: they must be to justify the research.

They are At times, these elements can work against one another.Most research suggests that simply adding more officers to an area without necessarily increasing levels of official action is unlikely to significantly reduce crime and disorder.3Intensive patrol around identified hot spots of crime and disorder, however, has been demonstrated to reduce crime and disorder at those hot spots.4 Most crackdowns include high police visibility, but some do not, notably those in which undercover or plainclothes police are involved.In this experiment, the levels of uniformed patrols were varied to test their relative effect on reported crime and citizen perceptions, but patrol officers were not instructed to take any special enforcement actions (Kelling, et al. Some crackdowns require that officers suspend the usual discretion they apply to situations in favor of certain prescribed enforcement actions.is widely used in reference to policing and law enforcement, although it is often used rather loosely.Journalists, for example, commonly refer to almost any new police initiative as a crackdown.

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