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Varve chronology dating

We observed almost ideal consistency between both chronologies from the present until AD 1250 while in the lower part (AD 1000-1250) the difference increases to ca. We demonstrate that this offset can be explained by too old radiocarbon ages of plant remains trans­ported to the lake by the inflowing creek.Results of this study highlight that careful interpretation of radiocarbon age-depth models is necessary, especially in lakes where no annual laminations are ob­served and no independent method are used for cross-validation.

van Geel, Bas Engels, Stefan Martin-Puertas, Celia and Brauer, Achim 2013. ‘’ emails can be delivered even when you are not connected to wi-fi, but note that service fees apply.

Harper, Kyle Huybers, Peter Litt, Thomas Manning, Sturt W.

Climate Change during and after the Roman Empire: Reconstructing the Past from Scientific and Historical Evidence.

The Bio Logos Foundation has published a popular-level article by old-earth geologists Gregg Davidson and Ken Wolgemuth presenting arguments for an old earth.

One such argument involves counts of sedimentary laminations (“varves”) within the floor of Japan’s Lake Suigetsu. “SG06, A Fully Continuous and Varved Sediment Core from Lake Suigetsu, Japan: Stratigraphy and Potential for Improving the Radiocarbon Calibration Model and Understanding of Late Quaternary Climate Changes.” Quaternary Science Reviews 36: 164–176.

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A TEX86lake record suggests simultaneous shifts in temperature in Central Europe and Greenland during the last deglaciation. A comparison with the nearby record from Lake Holzmaar, as well providing high resolution AMS C and varve chronologies, revealed that such gaps (ca.