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Once you have a final menu, print it on good quality cardstock in an attractive font that is easy to read.Once you have the details of the wine tasting (date, time, wine list, dinner menu, price) it’s time to get the word out.You don’t need to do an extreme makeover, just adding a few touches to the dining room will suffice.Go over the routine for the night, step by step with both servers and kitchen staff.

Order about 10% more food and wine than you need for any last minute reservations.Your wine salesperson can either put you in touch with a sommelier or do the job themselves.Many wine distributors will help you in every phase of planning a wine tasting since you are buying wine from them.Sorry, but we are unable to display your recommended wines. In the meantime, you can view your personalized recommendations here.In accordance with the null Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, all orders for wine must be placed with a licensed null wine retailer.

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