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Updating the lynch

NHS England's revised guidance from the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee issued in June states: "The prescribing of liothyronine is only supported if initiated by, or considered appropriate following a review by, an NHS consultant endocrinologist.

"It’s important that GPs take the appropriate steps to avoid misdiagnosing the condition, which can lead to overtreatment.The story behind the wall is interesting, and the plaques on it are interesting to view. Not impressive, and there's not really much "view" wise around it. It's just off the main tourist street in Galway, so there is really no reason to not stop by and see it before deciding on somewhere to eat or whatever it is you're doing. The Lynch Memorial commemorates the hanging of his own son by Mayor Lynch in the late 15th century for the murder at sea of a young Spaniard.Other reviews have given history about it (scroll down) and plenty of pictures. Unable to reach the public gallows due to a crowd wishing to have the son reprieved, Mayor Lynch...NICE wasn't able to recommend an ideal dose but said 150 mg or 300 mg is commonly used in current practice.Asprin doesn't have marketing authorisation for bowel cancer prevention, so NICE is telling doctors to get informed patient consent for prescribing decisions, and to document the process.

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