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Updating slingbox firmware

Slingbox PRO-HD Behavior Slingbox M1/M2 LED behavior What do the flashing lights mean on my Slingbox M1/M2? The Network light on your Slingbox blinks or turns off When you power up your Slingbox, does the Network light on the front continually blink, and never glow steadily? If so, here are a few tips and tricks to help get you watching your TV anywhere!

My Slingbox isn't configured yet, can I set it up with Watch on Slingbox.com? Some Internet security and personal firewall software may interfere with your Slingbox setup or Sling Player When setting up your Slingbox using Slingbox.com, your computer may have difficulty locating your Slingbox due to the potential impact of third-party Internet security, firewall software, or browser plug-ins.

Note: These older software and utilities are no longer being updated, nor are they supported by Sling Media.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to use a Windows computer to follow steps 1 through 3 above.

I recently brushed the dust off of my Sling Box so I could set it up and allow my Dad could watch some local Basketball games.

Description: The user unplugs and plugs the power cable back in or resets the Slingbox by pressing and releasing the reset button.

In some situations, based on your Slingbox configuration, you may need to be at home on your home network to update the firmware inside your Slingbox.

Although it's not necessary, we usually recommend that firmware updates are performed while at home. Also, if you're at home, you can reset your Slingbox and start over in the rare event that there's a problem with the update.

When the user disconnects, the Sling Logo LED goes off.

When the Sling Logo light pulses steadily, it indicates that you can configure the Slingbox using Setup on or the Sling Player application.

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How to get the latest firmware (internal software) for your Slingbox Does your Slingbox have the latest firmware, the internal software that makes it work?