Updating maps tomtom 6 ipaq

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i got it working on my ipaq ok and they are Speed cams aug 18th 2006 also there but no uk maps i will upload them as soon as i get 10 mins hope this helps.... blaze i just need the map for california i have the north american map but it is too big for my one gig some can post the map for just california that would be great.i am using ipaq 6315is for 6.50 here is the link for the north american map if some one have bigger card

For information on older versions of Navigator, see our Navigator 3 section.

The map data is pretty large (100Meg for the UK map), and you'll find that you probably need to install it onto a memory card.

Software and maps are installed via Active Sync - a slow process with large maps (so to speed up map installation, you can use a memory card reader if you have one). You plan a route based on your current position, obtained from the GPS receiver, and then enter a destination.

As well as the clear route map, you get spoken voice prompts along the way - normally about 10-20 seconds before a junction, and a repeat when you get to the junction.

The messages are pretty accurate, and in our tests, very useful, with messages like "At the roundabout, take the second exit", or "at the end of the road, turn left then turn right".

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The application is fully customisable, with a whole load of settings to play with, such as a high-contrast night view (complete with stars on the horizon! ), road/area avoidance, a stack of overlays, and warnings of London's Congestion Charge areas.