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Updating gem

Of course, with open-source Ruby gems, analyzing the code to ensure nothing strange is taking place is a straightforward matter of looking at the gem’s Github repo.

Using a gem repository’s reporting functionality can solve the trustworthiness problem, but it’s not perfect.

Most programming languages give you some way to package common code, making it reusable across multiple applications.

In this article, we’ll look at how Ruby solves the problem of code reuse in a repeatable way with Ruby Gems.

This repetition is obviously inefficient since now any changes to that code need to occur in multiple places when you introduce a new feature or a bug fix.

To uninstall a gem, use the following command (where .For example, a brand-new gem that solves a problem in the most efficient way possible may be falsely reported as being inferior to another more-popular-but-older gem that solves the problem in a less efficient manner.Through judicious use of Ruby Gems, you can greatly reduce the time required to develop Ruby applications by leveraging the expertise of other developers from around the world.You can then ensure that your code operates with a common interface that matches community development standards.Thanks for following along with this how to: Adding Ruby Gems and Gem Sources.

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