Updating firmware thomson speedtouch

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Read more about it on the Configure DNS Forwarding on Windows 2000 page. Both are using the same stripped down Linux kernel.

All you need to do is configure the Home model to think it’s a Pro model and load it’s settings.

If not, check your IP settings, your network cable, your NIC lights and your NIC driver.You can safely close the FTP window without logging on.You should then paste or enter the password that you obtained through the previous script.The modem will also act as a router with NAT/PAT which means that you can connect it to a hub/switch with as many computers as you want instead of just one.You will then be able to connect all your home computers to the Internet by using a simple hub/switch and simply configuring them to use the ADSL modem’s IP address as a Default Gateway. For more information about the configuration, see the manual.

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Active Directory warning: Those of you who are running home networks with Active Directory installed on Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003s need to stop right here!

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