Updating bios asus rog

Posted by / 09-Mar-2020 11:39

Updating bios asus rog

It is VERY easy on ASUS motherboards, and if you follow the instructions given here, you have nothing to worry about.

The EZ Flash 3 tool is on the "Tools" tab inside the BIOS.

I found info from posts years old on google that I'm guessing might work but I'd feel a lot less anxious if I heard something fresh. CAP file downloaded for the wifi version of the board but I'm not sure what to do from here?

you put it in a folder that is easy to find (or even in the root of a drive) and open it from bios with ez flash..?

I just updated to this BIOS last night, and it has a lot of improvements both over the 0401 and the 0802 version.

At least, that was my experience when working with pre-UEFI motherboards in a lab environment.

To update firmware, the board must first wipe the existing blocks housing the firmware, then apply the update block-by-block to the flash device.

Failure or power loss during the 'wipe' phase will likely result in catastrophic failure -- or unrecoverable corruption to the Flash memory. If BIOS fails due to a bad flash, a physical switch on the board can be toggled to enable the backup BIOS chip.

Some people will copy the bios file to a USB drive for flashing, but I prefer to skip this step and just load the bios file straight from the hard drive. Enter the bios using the 'F2' key as soon as you power on the notebook.

Windows 8 users may have trouble getting into the bios with 'F2' (or through the 'ESC' key), so if necessary, boot to Win8 and select the 'settings' charm, Change PC Settings/General/Advanced Startup (restart now).

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Also note that flashing BIOS will wipe all settings, so it is recommended that you write down any overclocking settings before proceeding.