Updating a datagridview

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Updating a datagridview

whether I have to code to handle if user changes a key column Yes. but what I usually do is load the Data Table into the Data Grid View and let the user use the Data Grid View to add, delete, and edit the rows of the table.Table Adapter uses the key column in the Where clause of its Update and Delete statements so if the value of key column changes, things get messy. Then I have a separate "Update" button that the users pushes to start the update process.Usually, you bind to a Binding Source that manages the interaction with the data source.The Binding Source can be any Windows Forms data source, which gives you great flexibility when choosing or modifying your data's location. Add Range(New Control() ) Text = "Data Grid View data binding and updating demo" End Sub Private Sub Get Data(By Val select Command As String) Try ' Specify a connection string.Now What I'm trying to do is when user do the changes in the grid those changes should be reflected in the list (in object properties) and then it should be updated in the database.hey frnds, Firstly I pick the records from the databse into the Data Grid View, Then I want that If we made changes to the records in the Grid View & Click on Update Button, Changes are Reflected into the Datbase .

After entering data into all the textbox, and after clicking the submit button, it won't immediately show in the datagridview, I need to reopen the form in order to see the new inserted row. If you want your Button on Form B to retrieve the latest data from the database then that's what you have to do whatever Form_Load is doing. My guess is the data retrieval is on the Form_Load. Refresh(); still doesn't get refreshed after i click the OK for insert successful. In my case, I have a method that return the values for two columns that I have on my datagridview.

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I would like to give users the ability to update from the datagridview and have the program immediately update the sql server table. Now I am wondering which events to use to validate and update the database, wheter to enable/disable the validating events? The problem is that I'm trying to edit, validate and update behind the scenes by allowing the user to make changes directly to the grid.

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