Transas chart updating correction

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This is a short route and hence uses rhumb line courses as default; however, For long ocean voyages, for E.g.

from Yokohama, Japan to Mexico the route also shows GC track options.

Also during passage planning the waypoints can be adjusted accordingly.

An example of Met Manager is shown below: Step 3 – Once all the required charts are selected we need to send a request to the Chart Distributor.

To use the ENCs ships has to contact an official ENC distributor.

The chart cells for the forthcoming voyage can be activated almost immediately by purchasing the license to activate them, usually by sending an email to the chart provider.

Once the base DVDs are received, charts can be updated in a very short period of time.

This is a preliminary passage planning for finding out charts for the intended route.

Several other factors like weather condition, No Go areas to be avoided due to navigational hazards especially for long voyages.

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This article highlights the chart or chart permit procuring procedure through Chart distributor and methods for chart correction and updating for FURUNO ECDIS.

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