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Evita, for example, located just a block south of trendy Rothschild Boulevard, is one of Tel Aviv’s oldest gay bars and is a popular meeting place for gays seven days per week.

Some visit Evita prior to whatever party is going on that night, while others stay there all night for events like Bingo, Eurovision Karaoke, and other festivities.

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Tel Aviv hosts the only public gay pride parade in the entire Middle East, which is held annually the first weekend of June.

One reason gay nightlife in Tel Aviv is so exciting is that the Tel Aviv gay scene revolves around weekly parties, rather than specific bars or clubs like most cities around the world.

This isn’t to say that certain gay bars in Tel Aviv aren’t extremely popular.

If you haven’t yet added Tel Aviv to your travel itinerary, here are some reasons you should make a last-minute addition.

Although Tel Aviv’s nightlife is generally regarded as among the best in the world, this is particularly the case when it comes to gay establishments.

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