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As well all know, Star Wars is an American epic space opera franchise, centered on a film series created by George Lucas.Therefore, Pickupliness provides you these Star Wars pick up lines which are the most superhero pick up lines which.It is NOT and never has been approved by the swc administration.If you feel pressured to use a program to spy, don’t do it.--- Y20D265 Edit: Timers for installing/uninstalling doors have been disabled due to an issue from the last sync.This results in the timer counting down but never finishing.This issue causes pages to fail to load with a white screen, or red Ajax errors being printed.Temporary workaround until the issue is fixed is to retry until successful.

- Fix issue when ground attack page crash when attacking enemy party that has moved - Fix issue where character corpses could be claimed.

- Forum Mark As Read issue fixed (mark as read was not applying correctly).

- Forum bans issue fixed (individual forum bans were incorrectly applying against entire board). - An issue where you could not remove more than one item from an NPC fitout has been fixed (jquery update issue).

No ETA for a fix yet.1 Year 20 Day 245, Baugrems banned player Kyota Navic providing the following reason: Spying 6 month ban for using and encouraging others to use a script to pull discord channel logs and info.

Known issue with this sync: - Some NPCs and droids assigned to work in stations, facilities (for example mining) may show up outside and ontop of the thing they are working at.

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:) PHP: - We upgraded from php 7.1 to 7.3, this wasn't planned in advance, so YOLO.

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