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She then spent much of her latent upbringing moving from place to place and was, at one point, homeless and living in her car.

Thankfully, that car had a stereo and New Skin is testament to her dedication to the cause.

Perhaps it's about “drugs and addiction, affairs, lies and manipulation, the undercurrents of our world that people don't want to admit to but love to gossip about” but you get the feeling that this exceptionally gifted woman is writing about an alter ego  Dorian Grey masquerading as Kate Bush? The 6 Ft Woman, you see, is Scarlette's sinister shadow and her “own worst enemy” and this self exploratory and somewhat tantalising paradox is just one of many that you ll find when you listen to one of Scarlette s songs.New music and visuals have been recorded to accompany the originals and the visuals were filmed at historic locations such as Montlhery Autodrome in South Paris (featuring a 1960‘s Ferrari GTO) and at Monza in Italy." La Passione is being made available as a 2 CD.2 DVD 12” x 12” Deluxe Book featuring re-mastered original music from the 1996 soundtrack album ‘La Passione’, (including “Girl In A Sports Car” and new tracks) plus original and re-edited short films (to accompany the music), new films on the Ferrari Dino and GTO, an interview with Rea and, of course, the extraordinary von Trips documentary made up entirely of his personal cine film archive.DVD 1 La Passione (Films & Interview) - La Passione; Dov’e Il Signore; Le Mans; Wolfgang’s Speech; The Red Cars; Girl In A Sports Car; Reims & Monza; Horses; When The Grey Skies Turn To Blue; Dino; GTO ; Barn Find DVD 2 Wolfgang von Trips Documentary Read more on La Passione on wiki perform shamelessly Grown Up Pearl Jam-influenced indie angst ridden tunes that look directly at the messiness and beauty of life as it is actually lived.

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Described by the UK's Postbox Podcast as an angry Taylor Swift, she plays her Gibson Flying V fronting one of the most unique and powerful rhythm sections in Music City.

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