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The Department of Veterans Affairs can be reached at 800-827-1000. Department of Treasury checks must be deposited or cashed within one year from the issue date.

You can contact the Office of Personnel Management 888-767-6738 or 202-606-0500. Although you cannot legally cash your expired Treasury check, you still have a right to receive the funds. You must follow the agency's reissue process to receive a new one.

While running errands this afternoon, I stopped by the bank to deposit a check. “It had been so long that I thought they must have lost it.

All of the tellers were occupied with difficult clients. She tried to help the woman figure out where the problem was. I've already used that money for something else.” The teller didn't say anything. In my younger days, I had similar experiences (though never with checks that were just a few weeks old). Or should I keep it in my account in case the check actually goes through?

In many cases, larger businesses – such as insurance companies, financial institutions and corporations – print “void if not cashed within xxx days of the above date” on any checks they send out. The same goes for most government checks, such as tax return checks and Social Security checks. And since cashiers checks have already been paid for in cash, they do not have an expiration date.

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For example, to request a replacement for an expired IRS check, you must write 'void' across the check. Department of Treasury checks must be deposited or cashed within one year from the issue date. Or you can find out if your bank will accept a stale-dated check. Let’s say you find Aunt Nellie’s check stuffed into your junk drawer – but it was written more than six months ago. You can return the check to Aunt Nellie, explain the issue, and ask her for a replacement check, with the current date, of course.This hurt me twice because I, too, had added the money back into my checkbook. When I got home today, I looked up the actual law on stale checks.It turns out that a bank can pay or return an old check as it sees fit.

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Those in possession of a stale-dated personal check may wish to contact the owner of the account to receive an updated check rather than try to process the stale one.

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