Sprung the dating game nintendo ds

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Additionally you can only get so far with making the wrong decisions before you fail the chapter and have to start all over again.

’s tag-line is “The game where everybody scores” but it seems to me that they forgot to add “an all-expenses paid trip to the sanatorium”. Why would anybody play this shit instead of doing the to offer apart from negative vibes and a guaranteed bad mood when you finally switch the console off (hopefully after no more than five minutes of suffering and even that would be showing the game some saintly generosity…).

It may seem like I’ve barely described this game but that’s because there’s nothing to discuss.

You see, saying the wrong thing sometimes means that certain text selections don’t pop up further on in the chapter. a checkpoint means that you can return to that checkpoint as many times as you like but it will be impossible to correct said error and you will always be left with the same strand of dud responses post-checkpoint. The “gameplay” is about as inspiring as an empty void, the DS’ unique features are all wasted and the humour is as funny as a funeral on a rainy day.

This is already bad enough because you will unwittingly play on, unaware that an earlier mistake has made it impossible to complete a chapter and so you proceed until its Game Over. You can’t backtrack because you are locked into restarting from the checkpoint and you can’t talk your way out of it because every available line will only lead to dating doom since the options you need won’t appear due to that mistake before the checkpoint. It all adds up to a nasty maelstrom of frustration and tedium that must be binned off with all haste to preserve one’s sanity.

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