Speed dating in richmond london

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‘The first was ‘if you’re wearing black underwear, step forward’.‘This painful scenario continued for 10 minutes until the final question, which was if anyone had a tattoo.‘This sounds pathetic, but I’ve never had a single match.The women were nice, but apparently they didn’t feel the same way about me.‘My advice to others who are thinking about trying it?Don’t.’ ‘My fiancee and I met at a speed dating night.

‘Some were drunk, some had no idea that sweat pants weren’t a suitable outfit and others thought it was okay to bad-mouth the other women in the room.

‘It was the late ’00s and vampires were big business back then, but still. ‘I immediately packed up to leave, pausing only to text my friends a drunk, brief message that said: “Got bit.

Going home.” ‘This was my first and last foray into speed dating.’ ‘I’ve only been speed dating once but it was enough to cement my hatred for it. It was based around food, everyone sat in groups of six and had ten minutes to chat per course.

‘Sadly, I didn’t get as lucky.’ ‘The actual speed dating went okay.

However, during the socialising afterwards, some guy attempted to crack on to me by biting my neck.

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‘Later, they both emerged looking very dishevelled.