Software updating for palm treo 750

Posted by / 13-Nov-2020 11:27

Though a similar complaint to the 680 is that the buttons are flush, making it hard to distinguish between the power button and the ‘ok’ button without looking at the keypad.In a change from previous Treos, the 750 uses the mini SD card standard.Overall, though, I found the 750 quite comfortable to hold and use.The soft-touch paint kept the 750 from slipping in my (usually cold) hands.

Below this slot is a reset button (which is something missing from the 680).However, the two styli are slightly different in shape, meaning that there is no easy swapping of the styli.On the rear of the 750 you find the camera, self-portrait mirror, and speaker.The third (bottommost) button can be reassigned to an application of your choice.The bottom of the 750 has a 2.5 mm stereo headset jack and the Palm Multi-Connector.

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I also wanted to see where the 750 is different from the 650 and 680 in terms of during- and after-call tasks.

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