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“So perfectly balanced, in fact, that it’s midway on campus, between North and South campus,” Hardwick said.Opportunity began knocking for Hardwick before he knew it.He could just beat his chest or pick his asshole, whatever.

I think what’s going on now is more from the “˜reality’ branch than it is from “˜Singled Out,’ because we really didn’t follow those people afterwards.

Chris found in Jenny Mc Carthy a perfect mix of attraction and wit.

“They (MTV studio executives) were 90 percent set on this other girl.

I like math but I need some room.’” Art was his next choice. it was like, “˜Paint this,’ and it was also filled with a bunch of kids that bugged the shit out of me.

A lot of people would paint something and then try to find some deep meaning that doesn’t exist, “˜I really like this painting, you know, it’s really nebulous.’ Yeah, shut up.” Philosophy seemed to be a happy medium between the two.

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“My impression for the first few months was, “˜Yeah this is great, but it’s not gonna last.’ I had turned into this 75-year-old guy in the retirement home that pisses on everything …

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