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Sex dating in lone mountain tennessee

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and crazy so I can't really get into details of how we met and such but he has been locked up for 9 years, I've been dating him for 4 months.

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In a nut shell, if you have not been having sex for a while already, and in a proper setting (privacy, no fear of getting caught) I would not worry about what is going on and I would certainly NOT bring it up to him.

After you have had the chance to have privacy and get used to each other and he is more relaxed, if this continues, THEN I would worry and try to figure out what is causing the problem.

At that point he had been in for 13 years and had not had sex with a woman for 13 years. He was very nervous prior to the visit, afraid he would not know what to do and what if he could not "perform". As soon as we were together in that apartment, everything felt completely natural and we had wonderful sex. Doing so will only make him feel more self conscious and make the matter worse.Under current circumstances I can only see him once in a while, I know he is not with another female in the meantime but we are having a problem with sex? We have just recently tried having sex so I mean this is not a big issue that has been on going.Its just that last night it got me thinking ..haven't we had sex? He constantly calls me beautiful,gorgeous, sexy, etc. Or do men really have a problem having sex after being in prison?He told me he was just really nervous and worried about getting caught (we were kinda in public in a car lol..) and too many thoughts going through his mind, not wanting to cum but wanting to cum at the same time and feels like a virgin. If you've only been dating 4 months and your first time was in a car then that isn't the best of situations. I had a friend who had those issues after being locked up for 10 years.I know its not a health problem he is healthy as a horse. I doubt he's gay unless you see other signs of that. Its totally normal because they can only 'pleasure themselves' and it becomes something they're used to.

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