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The two most common questions that are asked of me are how to find housing and how to find employment.This page will cover finding general tips on how to find sex offender housing as well as provide info on specific programs that assist in housing or halfway houses. At least 30 states have some form of residency, proximity, and even work restriction law in place, and they are starting to increase with popularity after years without new restrictions.[Apps do] the matchmaking for you.” A few years ago, a cache of happy anecdotes about app dating in Aspen might have struck as surprising.But much seems to have changed since hookup app Tinder first infiltrated the Wild West circa 2012.Back then the digital dating landscape was vastly different: Apps were few and users scattered.TERMS OF ENGAGEMENT Tinder: A location-based dating app that allows users to browse profiles of potential mates nearby.“There must be something wrong with the relationship. They seek the next wave of newer, shinier, prettier, richer.” Dating apps present opportunity at the tap of a finger. Lorelai*, 45, isn’t surprised; she’s seen friends’ creepy husbands on Tinder. In a town of just two grocery stores, good luck ghosting on that lame Tinder date! During Christmas week 2014, Katie, a 37-year-old media professional then living in Denver, logged on to Tinder while visiting family in Aspen.

Oh, well, I’ll find someone else...’” Editor’s Note: Names with an asterisk have been changed.Grindr: Same concept as Tinder, specifically for men interested in meeting men.Bumble: Launched by Tinder co-founder (and frequent Aspen patron) Whitney Wolfe Herd.” Tinder Roulette: Indiscriminately swiping right on all profiles and reviewing matches later. (Those are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco...) Similarly, a multitude of other options—including Ok Cupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, Plentyof Fish, happn, Zoosk, Match— thrive in metropolitan areas.Though Tinder now claims to count 50 million users worldwide (Bumble tracks about 23 million), a company rep confirms that the number in Aspen is “tiny.” Denver doesn’t even rank in the top 10 U. Due to a small population and geographic area, scouting mates in a cool ski town such as Aspen presents singular challenges—via dating apps or not.

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One 30-something gay man opines on the paltry selection of potential suitors, both at the bars and on apps such as Grindr and Scruff (for queer hipsters into facial/body hair—really). “Perhaps there is more of a stigma attached to it: You’re a slut if you use it, whereas in big cities it’s par for the course.” During Gay Ski Week, however, “Grindr looks like it does in a normal city, an endless grid of flesh.” Another factor: Our “Shangri-La in the mountains” is an incubator of extremes, where an adrenaline- and substancefueled party atmosphere, whirling merry-go-round of tourists and epic outdoor recreation foster wild behavior.