Sex chat request from sarah who is bono dating

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Sex chat request from sarah

"Taking it all balls-deep is going to be the real fun challange though. I'm just a little surprised that you're actually going to go through with it, you little ho.

I want it in every position possible too, like with me on top riding him so I can either take it inch by inch, or just slide down on it and take it all at once." She continued to relish the anal porn playing on Laura's computer screen, "really though, I just can't wait 'til he pounds that beautiful horsecock up my ass! Well, maybe not so surprised..." she said, teasing her friend.

Sarah stood watching the screen intently, "are you serious?

" she replied, "Making it fit in my crack will be half the fun." She gave Laura a look.

She didn't let on though that she was already well aware of Tommy, a junior at her brother's college, who, as reputation and rumor had it, was endowed with enormous sized equipment, and apparently loved banging horny freshman chicks in the ass with it.

A few weeks ago while at a frat party she and Sarah attended, Tommy had approached her while Sarah was off flirting.

" There was an awkward silence, broken by their sudden burst of giggles. "It's what I've fantasized about for the past three years!

As proof, she requested that Tommy e-mail her a picture of his big schlong. As much anal porn as you watch, now you'll have your own private one! But Sarah's gaze remained fixed on her, and realizing it was now or never, her inhibitions melted away. We did it in my mom's van that night, and he had to stop every so often so I could suck him cause we didn't have much in the way of lube. Laura reached back and spread her cheeks as Sarah worked the tips in one at a time. Now perspiring she pushed back against the probing thrusts of her friend finger-fucking her asshole.Laura was enticed by what they watching: a young woman enjoying two buff men, their swollen equipment dangling in her face. But she knew what Sarah was focused on was the well-hung dude sodomizing the woman as she sucked off the other two.From the time they began discussing sex and watching porn it was clear that one, Sarah was a Size Queen; even though she'd only had two boyfriends and one casual encounter, bigger cock was always better cock as far as Sarah was concerned.And two, she loved anal sex; talking about it, watching it, and of course doing it when she dated someone willing to service her petite ass.It made her climax harder than regular sex, vaginal or oral.

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