Sakura wars dating sim

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It follows , which launched in 2005 on Play Station 2.

That launched in the West in 2010, along with a port for the Wii.

When faced with critical choices in the course of a conversation, up to three dialogue options are displayed with a time limit for the player to select a response.

Depending on the type of response, the character may respond positively or negatively, impacting the relationship and future interactions.

Sakura Wars V is the part of the Sakura Taisen World Project along with its prequel, Sakura Taisen V: Episode 0.

During adventure segments, Shinjiro can both navigate New York on his own and bring along a member of the New York Combat Revue.

During these sequences, when talking with both the main heroines and supporting characters, conversations rely on the LIPS (Live & Interactive Picture System) system.

With iconic character designs by Kosuke Fujishima, of fame, the games were effectively tactical role-playing titles crossed with dating sims.

Set during an alternate version of 1920s Japan overrun by demons and protected by steampunk technology, the mecha known as koubu were used to take on this demonic menace.

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An additional "Analog LIPS" option has a single response with analogue input which changes the intensity of Shinjiro's voice, which further affects characters' reactions.