Reading and updating xml c erin sanders dating

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Reading and updating xml c

Save("c:/add.xml"); //remove the added element and save to Xml Element root = doc. My purpose is to give some textboxes to the user so that he can write some information that i want save on the XML file.

Save("c:/modified.xml"); I do not want to work with Grid View.

My plan is to read in an XML document using my C# program, search for particular entries which I'd like to change, and then write out the modified document.

However, I've become unstuck because it's hard to differentiate between elements, whether they start or end using Xml Text Reader which I'm using to read in the file.

maybe, i will change some child Node in Song, and may delete the whole chind Node by artist keyword.

Select Single Node("//songs"); Xml Element el = doc. Append Child(el); //doing my work with ea //you could use innerxml.

Where you can't formalise, don't have pre-existing docs or generally need more adaptive logic, I'd go with LINQ and XDocument like Skeet says.

Name "\n"); Xml Document doc Sub = new Xml Document(); doc Sub.

Here is sample code: article shows how to edit xml-files using a Grid View control.

Additional the user may create new records using some text fields and a button.

I'd like to search for an element id within the HTML document, so for example look for this and change the src; etc) every time. It's easy to form queries, and easy to construct new elements too.

You can use XPath where that's appropriate, or the built-in axis methods ( For the task in hand - (read existing doc, write, and modify in a formalised way) I'd go with XPath Document run through an Xsl Compiled Transform.

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It is an extremely useful tool for querying and parsing HTML (which is often not valid XML).

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