Rakion not updating

Posted by / 25-Jun-2020 01:27

There are really overpowered cells, like Musketeerking. Well, the game doesn’t really have a trading system, only a gift system. And ninja is the fastest but her attacks basic attacks are pretty weak.

If you want to trade with someone, you’ll have to buy a gold stamp or a cash stamp, depending if your item is bought with gold or cash. You can also turn into chaos mode and become stronger, which is good. I think that the graphics are very good but can be better.

Fortunately, you can disable cells when you create a game.Post Date: Rating: 8 Author: Thedarkboy Comment: I’ve reviewed Rakion before, but decided to write a more well written review.Rakion is an online MMORPG that can be very fun, no matter what genre you are into.That means your points cannot go past a certain point. Your wasting your life past level 10 if your playing the game. The necroman horse has too high damage for its Area of Attack.That also means that if you have enchanted your items, your almost close to having maxed stats. Someone said it took them a year to get to level 50 (And they were cash/pu/exp raise/event/etc and played alot.) Now consider those factors into a new player that does not pay. It’s Area of attack is twice, if not, four times as big as a blacksmiths Special attack Ao E.

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But it’s fun to use your cells that can help you get kills.