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Portland mercury online dating

I’m always happy to see someone come out of their comfort zone and chalk up a win in the romance department. I busy myself with other customers, while letting the courtship play out. I find myself talking to one of my regulars, and as I hear laughter echo from the booth, I look up and see the guy coming up for another round.

Part of the job is living vicariously through your customers. A bartender should have the ability to pay attention without hovering around the customers waiting for a chance to hop on the next drink. He’s got a dazed expression with a half grin, almost like he’s surprised that it’s working out.

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It’s not likely, but maybe those stars will align for these two today. He grins, nods, and hurries back to the booth, where the woman expectantly waits with a smile on her face. He greets her and I’m taking bets as to whether it will be the businesslike handshake, the awkward hug (the one where you lean forward, you know the one) or maybe the no-touch rule comes into play and it’s just tight smiles and pleasantries. The Art of the First Impression is now in it’s first stage; they’re both playing it safe.I remember when people would just come to the bar to hook up. It’s a casual “no-strings” meeting that provides an easy out in case a connection isn’t made.It was a clumsy approach to an age-old method, but it had potential.Used to be, a bartender could make or break a first date.

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