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The person called me and said they were Kathy Moore Investigations- and wanted to know if I knew a Magie Robinson from shinnston and when I told them no they got really rude and said are you sure you don't know her she had your name and s-s- number and birth date on a family loan application- and ofcourse I told them I have no idea what your talking about and they hung up the phone- they have been calling my house for the last weeks and now I see that this is a collection agency I get calls from over collectors asking for someone else,months and months and months of calls all day long- I sent certified cease and desist letters- I took photographs of the calls, got an attorney, notified the ftc-, the calls continue- People need to get fed up enough and call their Congressman or e-mail their Congressman to do something about this, what I call, domestic terrorism- The only thing that stops these calls is disconnecting the phone wire- I have read online where some people who have settled with debt collectors found charges on their bank accounts from unknown sources months later- Don't talk to these collectors, period- If you owe money, talk to the original creditor I also received an email from a lady calling herself Stacy- She said she was interested in my car and left a call back number of , I did not call the number - I have been getting a lot of emails like this about the item I have for sale, I think the are scammers trying to sell ad time or insurance or whatever and are on commission- They lurk in craigslist ads hoping to pick off a victim - Scumbags they are and should be reported to craigslist - I put their name in junk or block them- When the economy gets bad these snakes come out of the woodwork- anything to make a buckthe same thing happend to us We had ordered the cd for - then I called and told them I did not want their services for the , Then our account was charged a - charge- Then on July th we were charged - We are going to the bank to look over our statements and canceling the debit card and reporting them fraud- i am not stopping until i get some answers or something is done with these idiotswww-fair-debt-collection-com debt-collectors-list-html To File complaints FDCPA TCPA violations: Your State Attorney General Their State Attorney generalwww-naag-org (you can find your state AG at this link)-www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-www-consumerfinance-gov complaint www-rcfp-org reporters-recording-guide state-state-guidewww-dmlp-org legal-guide recording-phone-calls-and-conversations Also with the BBB and follow completely through with it-www-creditcards-com credit-card-news c , ations,phpwww-consumer-ftc-gov blog haunted-phantom-debt Seek a FDCPA TCPA Attorney if need be-A company must be licensed in their state as well as the one they are trying to collect in if two different states are involved-Some Tips:*Keep all messages*Take a picture of your Caller ID*Keep any and all conversations recorded to your states recording laws, some require they be told, others do not- This can be transferred to a recording device-*Keep a notebook handy for writing time,date, who you spoke with and what the conversation detailed-*Check your SOL for your state as well-*Attorneys need to be licensed as a DC to collect, all DC's must be licensed in their state as well as yours if different-www-insideedition-com investigative , debt-collectorsnotes-com arts Jb EW-e Dh QA harassin , ou-need-to-know See Residents post here also:notes-com forum ta-afabab unending-collection-calls Templates of Letters:notes-com Phone-aspx ,www-ftc-gov os statutes fdcpajump-shtmwww-consumerfinance-gov askcfpb search ,www-consumer-ftc-gov articles pdf,fair-credit-reporting-act-pdfwww-consumer-ftc-gov articles -debt-collection Where do you guys live?

I got a - charge as well- I wonder if this person is local- I also want to know how he got our card numbers with the authorization to charge-Let me know if you guys find out about this- I am a Police Officer and will be using my resources to find out who this guy is-Any info on your research will be appreciated They just called me an hour ago- Asking to inquire about some online courses i have applied for and they will send me the detailed info within few hours- It was a fake american accent- It must be a spam This Indian Lady called my mobile- I see that it is an overseas call so I ignored-Immediately the call came through to my Company's Direct line- I spoke to her- She told me she is from a head hunter company and has a job opportunity with a number oil company for me- Said she will tell me more regarding this job offer via my mobile phone instead of sharing the information via the land line as it is their company's policy not to disclosed via this channel-I told her not to call my mobile because I am sceptical of having such policy- mins later, she called again my mobile which I ignored again-So I think this is a scam Anonymous robo-call on behalf of Bob Young for Michigan Supreme Court- Federal law requires all telephone calls using pre-recorded messages to identify who is initiating the calls and include a telephone number or address whereby the initiator can be reached- Shame Called my husbands cell said they were first federal and my card was frauded- Needed to press to activate my card or to deactivate card I hung up- Seconds later they called my cell I pressed nothing happened- I dont have a first federal card- WEIRDRobo-call to my personal cell phone for some other person about an "important financial matter"- (so probably a collection agency)-The message claimed if I pressed option (this person doesn't live here wrong #) and then pressed that my phone # will be removed from their list- We'll see if that's the case This number has been calling my cell phone all day- I too entered info in the google at home web page, but i have found that this co is a communications co for businesses not residental- the name of the co is XO Communications- A Closter police officer gave me their number- - I haven't had any luck yet, but i will keep trying- Contacted local office here in NC and a human said to call this same number- the web site is xocommunications-com GOOD LUCKThe videos had good morals and all but the quality was horrible- Horrible sound, color and there were lines going through it, horrible quality- They are also just not our type of movie- Now they won't leave us alone either Bail Bond Placentia Anned Dr Placentia, CA () -placentiabailbond-info email Bail Bond Placentia is offering Bail, Bail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail Service in Placentia, CABail Bond, Bail Bonds, Bail, Domestic Violence, Bail Bonds Servicei receive call from this number and i when to the police since is are froud call telling the person that they are police officer working for the DEA and we need to paid a fine or we going to jail i would like to know how is the owner of the phone This is one of the numbers from Direct Buy- Also use number , They have called at least - times in the last months- I've actually picked up of those times, and it's some lady with an asian accent telling me that i can choose from different gifts if I come to a minute presentation of their products services- Each of the times I told them to put me on their do not call list, but I keep getting calls,finally tonight, I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commision on there Do Not Call Registry:complaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx This company is a menace, and should be put down Feel free to file against this company Kim has called two times in minutes today and once yesterday afternoon- she's harassing my co-workers because I had put her into voice mail- How do I get her to stop calling my office?

their info - plus more - should you so be inclined, American Laborers United prides itself on introducing a quality client (i-e- a union employee, government worker and their friends and family) with outstanding service providers such as Attorneys, Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Companies, Realtors just to name a few- As a business owner, have you ever thought about promoting your products or services to the owners and employees of local businesses on a county wide, regional or state level?

American Laborers United believes strongly in promoting business to business relationships in local towns, counties and regions to instill the belief that "The American Dream" is still very much alive and well- We support these beliefs by offering you, the business owner an invitation into an exclusive business to business sponsorship program- American Laborers United will market your business to hundreds even thousands of other business owners and their employees on a county, region, state or national level- Sponsorship programs are "EXCLUSIVE" programs on county, region, state and national levels- Space is extremely limited; only ONE company from each category will be awarded these Sponsorship programs- To find out more about these exclusive sponsorship programs call () - and speak with a representative- Copyright © - Website design by AZPixels Received the following spam, changed codes so they don't identify me- Someone near you has sent you an amazing car deal quote in less than seconds Go to cardealfinder-mobi ? & Enter #### to view No call but getting text msgs saying balance is ,the # text came from is & right before that a text from came that was a delivery failure to email (which I never sent any email to & said of ) How do they get your cell # to send a text(which I have to pay for) Anyone know how to block these?

MCI WORLDCOM COMMUNICATIONS, INC., NJ is the mobile service provider for 9736717 mobile phone number series.

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Mobile phone tracker can help you trace caller name and address location for 9736717 mobile phone number in series.

Also received identical calls as well as the exact same responses when you return the call from the following numbers: Aug , at : am Aug , at : pm Aug , at : pm Aug , at : pm This number is from Med Tech- DO NOT request info from them unless you are % positive you want to attend that school- THEY WILL CALL AND HARASS YOU NONSTOP I have requested them to stop calling me countless times and I still get phone calls multiple times a day BEWARE They also call from this number I got the same thing, called my cell over times total- Finally talked to the person and said to take me off the calling list- If they call again guess I will have to use the reporting function through the national do not call list : SThis number makes me mad I don't know who is texting me but it's telling me that my husband is being unfaithful to me and all it does is make us fight I would really like to know who is in back of all this text messages Monday through Friday I get calls about every - minutes from this number to my fax number- I hope they enjoy listening to the fax squeal- But they just keep calling and calling which shows how stupid and aggressive they are DPP on August , She also called us June Just got the records today to track down the phone number, phone calls in about hours She continually asked for the financial adviser and then would say I will have bad Karma for asking her not to call anymore, It got to the point that she was tying up all lines- Then she started talking in a more threating verbal manner- What can be done to get the company figured out?

This number called my brother's cell phone who lives several states away and said it was for a court summons for me, using my maiden name-I can only find one post about the number and the other post says about the same thing- I think it's a scamjust got a call from a guy named George with a very heavy hispanic accent saying he was from Mercedes Benz certified dept- Obviously he's not from there after I told him the call was all full of bologna & that he should not call my number again- He quickly hung up after that A guy called from "auto protection department"- Started yelling and asking to verify my "information" (name, address, my mileage)- He threatened that this is a "last call" and they will "close my file"- Definitely a SCAMCalled my new cell phone # but wouldn't tell me who they are or where they're from- I hung up then called the number back- It asks if you'd like to be on a do not call list- I pressed # to affirm- They called back- I am on the national do not call list- I now have performed my task and will be reporting them to the government Caller ID says UNAVAILABLE- So, I get a call from this number every single day for the past weeks- I finally did the research and found out that it is from Future US which is a magazine subscription company- I let my subscription to Crochet Today magazine lapse because I did not find it useful- I was of course bombarded with email and mail renewal requests that I did not respond to because, I did not want to renew it- Then I guess they sic their phone service on you to make you renew- Hey-I thought I was clear when I didn't renew months ago that I do not want this magazine-I don't need a daily call to try to "win me back"- That just has the opposite effect- Now I am SURE I do not want to renew- I sent them an email asking them to quit calling- They call anywhere from am to pm every single day-weekends included- www-futureus-com go to the SHOP area and see if a magazine you let lapse is there and you'll know why they are calling- Then you have to go to that magazine to contact them and get them to quit calling you I believe these guys work for Sprint - they will not say anything unless you say "Hello" first neither will they leave a message due to the collections nature of the business- They really hate it when you answer the phone and put it next to the TV speaker Spam from Orlando , FL- An operator (outsourced) says there's a caller waiting to communicate with you via operator, by using a keyboard- You are to respond to the caller's questions via the operator and vice versa- A load of BSRegarding calls without messages before the start of business from () -: From the FTC-gov website: Can a debt collector contact me any time or any place?

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