Outlook hangs updating address book

Posted by / 23-Oct-2019 18:57

You’ve also now made sure that the Contacts Folder was marked as an Outlook Address Book.

If your contacts didn’t show up in the Contacts Folder in the first place, but you still have access to the original PST file, then the first thing to do is copy it over to the new computer, and make sure you DO NOT overwrite any pst-files in this process.

field and send your email, your message will bounce back as "undeliverable." If you fix your typo and try again, your message should send properly, however, the mistyped email address will stay cached in your account.

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Presumably this comes from the autodiscover XML sent by the Exchange server.

I resolved the issue and I'll post the solution in case anyone is looking here in the future: We have two mailbox databases that house our mailboxes.

Your contacts list is possibly one of the most important aspects of Outlook.

If you tend to leave your contact list empty and allow the auto-complete cache to fill in the recipient of your emails, then you run the risk of losing all information.

To do so in Outlook 2010 you need to switch to Contacts Navigation or if you are using Outlook 2013 or 2016 you need to use the People Module.

If not then you can try to add all senders and recipients as contacts to try to rebuild your contact list.

It may take some patience but one of these will fix your contacts missing in Outlook problem.

To connect to the pst-file just go to File If the contacts appear in the folder, but when you go to compose an email nothing shows up when clicking ‘To:’, then you most likely need to change your default list.

This is necessary when you have other accounts connected to your Outlook.

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