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Online dating stalker

Try to find something productive to do that will keep you busy and won't allow you the time necessary in order to stalk the object of your affection.

Let something else become your passion, whether it's a hobby, volunteering or a job. Your stalking behavior may be indicative of a mental health issue that needs to be addressed, so make an appointment with a counselor or therapist in order to learn some coping mechanisms and get some prescription medication if necessary. Do not brand yourself as an obsessive stalker for the rest of your life, especially if you seek out the help you need in order to change your behavior.

The officers had also learned from Scottsdale officers that, in the interim, Ades had visited the man's workplace and claimed to be his wife.

During the drive to the Paradise Valley jail, Ades can be heard repeating a "story of love" involving Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.

Body-camera footage also showed her discussing different conspiracies that involved, among other things, the Eye of Providence and a small village in Israel called Neve Zohar.

When the officer asked Ades where she learned all these things, Ades said she got it from the man who kept rejecting her."He said to me, 'Go away,' for the last 16 months," Ades said.

According to research by JPD, 88 percent of us look up a person on Facebook before agreeing to a date, with 63 percent looking all the way back through their social feeds.

You cannot continue stalking because it's unproductive for you and creates a potentially dangerous situation for everyone involved. If you are aggressively pursuing someone, yet the person is not responding or has even called you a stalker, then there is a good chance that your actions are bordering on stalking.

You want to stop this before it goes too far and you wind up with legal action against you.

While Joe’s obsession with Beck is sparked by a brief, casual conversation, he stokes that flame by immediately finding out everything he can about her through social media.

When dating in the past, I would do exactly the same thing, poring over a person’s profiles until I thought I knew everything about them.

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"It's funny," Ades said, referring to the text about wearing the man's fascia.

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