Online dating frauds liars

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Online dating frauds liars

Dear friends, No matter where you live or what your background is, being alone and lonely can be devastating to your emotional well being, your social life, and your family life.So, finding ways to cure that loneliness is a reasonable response for anyone. Sadly, Ukrainian & Russian online romance scammers are always on the prowl for Western men who are lonely and naive.Here, the scammers posing as a Russian woman will create a simple but sexually charged relationship with the victim.

This article offers you a comprehensive and updated information on the Ukrainian and Russian online romance fraud incl.When the victim becomes a part of the scammers’ loop, they will flatter and comfort them, share the victim’s ideals and interests until they have formed an emotional attachment with their target online, most likely a serious boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.Once this is achieved, they go for the kill by artfully deceiving their victim into sending a check or money through untraceable ways.Russian and Ukrainian dating scams take in tens of millions of dollars each year and most of the victims are men.These scammers are ruthless people who are ripping people off by selling elaborate fantasy stories to unsuspecting men.

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introduction and definition of the online dating scam, different types and some advice how to avoid getting scammed.

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