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On line dating services scam

Scams have become more advanced, more deceptive, and more common, and even venerable scams from the early days still snag people.Unfortunately, malware protection software doesn't help much with many of these types of scams, because they rely on tricking the user, not delivering malicious software.

Below are some of the more common ones you may encounter — or may have already encountered.

"After a while, it becomes really easy to spot them." Here are six red flags to help detect and sidestep romance scams.

Let's leave the site: Online dating sites have the ability to monitor and boot members who exhibit problematic behavior or are perpetrating scams, so con artists want to quickly move their victims elsewhere.

Beth Kipps, who has experimented with several dating sites, says the men who have attempted to con her almost always have a reason why they shouldn't continue to communicate via or e Harmony.

Most commonly, the excuse is "My membership on this site is almost up.

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The crook will then lavish you with attention and flattery.

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