My parents are dating

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My parents are dating

Like many people with anorexia, I am extremely perfectionistic and try to please those around me.

In high school and through the end of my junior year of college, I achieved high grades, rarely drank alcohol, and spoke to my mother daily.

If unrewarded, the efforts can soon turn to resentment and anger that spills into the relationship. Don’ts and Dos for closing the gap: As our world becomes smaller through social media and increased ease of travel, more and more people are finding themselves in love with someone their parents never considered as a suitable mate. If people dig in their heels, the consequences can be terribly hurtful and long-lasting.

Fortunately, there are less drastic solutions than the romantic death scene in , there are parents who eventually accept their adult children’s choices and even give their blessing. Bend when you can, just because it’s easier for the younger generation to bend a bit as people get to know each other.

As the months went on, my parents continued to pressure me about ending the relationship.

I understand that my mom and dad don’t exactly feel that he is the “perfect” person for me, but he treats me so well, and he and I are very compatible.

He understands my eating disorder, loves me for more than looks, is loyal, and I tend to be shy, but somehow I am able to be completely myself with him.

My American wife works all day and doesn’t see why my mother can’t start dinner or help out when she visits. Instead, they can’t see past their own traditions, values, or prejudices.

They don’t see your sweetheart or spouse for the wonderful person he or she is.

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Soon, they began to threaten me that I needed to choose between them and my boyfriend.

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