Multifocal or accommodating intraocular lens over60 dating

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A Scheimpflug imaging system (Pentacam; Oculus Optikgeräte Gmb H, Wetzlar, Germany) was used to evaluate IOL tilt and decentration according to de Castro et al (10) as follows: IOL decentration is obtained from the distance between the IOL center and pupillary axis.Positive horizontal coordinates stand for nasal in the right eye and temporal in the left eye.Whole eye wavefront aberrations (total (RMS) and higher-order root mean square (RMS-HO) were measured using a Hartmann-Shack sensor at 4.5 mm pupil diameter (WASCA: Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, Jena, Germany).

No statistically significant differences were between groups in patient age or axial length (Table 1).This prospective, randomized study included 19 eyes of 11 patients (4 men, 8 women).All patients underwent a thorough discussion with the surgeon about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of the treatment.Worth, TX) five times daily for 1 week and four times daily for the following week.Six months postoperatively, we measured uncorrected and spectacle-corrected distance, intermediate and near visual acuity.

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Positive vertical coordinates stand for superior decentration, and negative for inferior decentration.

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