Match com dating disasters

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Match com dating disasters

I didn’t know him all that well, so I believed him. Looking back, I should have just told them the truth, it’s so much more respectful.Needless to say, I held out for awhile on this one because we had a lot of fun on the dates we did go on. I read the book based on the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You. If he or she wants to see you, hang out or get to know you, they will make it happen. Ughhh, I invested waaay too much time, energy and tears into going out and meeting a guy.

Now, that I look back I would love to have a lil sit down with my younger self over a glass of sav blanc and tell her ever so gently, Get your sh*t together, GF.

Of course, after you’ve gotten past the appetizer and let’s say maybe 3 dates, then bring up the fact that you’re looking for something serious. The problem was when it actually came to making plans, he’d almost always break them. If I went out with a guy on a first date and just wasn’t feeling the chemistry, I didn’t have the courage to come out and say that.

He’d give some lame excuse about working late, being stressed at work etc. Instead, I would make up excuses when he would ask me out for a second date.

Thinking back, if I would have put all the energy I was using to find a date on Saturday night into my career and blog, who knows where I might be now?

I am a firm believer that things work out as they are supposed to and I needed all of those lessons in life and love to grow and evolve. I realize now much of these lessons had nothing to do with the guys and everything to do with me.

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