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SEASON GREETINGS EXPRESSED To the whole family and friends of First Christian Church season greetings were received by the church along with a special Christ- mas gift, 108 families shared and have been listed in THE TIDINGS and 7.00 was received with the cards, If any have been acci- dent ly missed will you please contact the church office, ■ 11 should be listed whose card reached the church by Friday % December 28. B* Lehman Deaconesses Rosemary Km 11 and Marge Lehman Ushers A. After the film, any desiring to talk about a basic first commitment to Christ will move to the Chapel any desiring discussion of the film and communion will move to the parlor, I- am thrilled as I look ahead to many coming things in the weeks and months ahead: 1. Come and share the love and power of the living Christ in our midst in worship, study, prayer, service, and fellowship during 1974! j START 1974 IN CHURCH: Be in Church School at 9 :30 Ac Mo or one of our worship hours — A.

These are being presented by the Youth Choir of South Side Christian Church in Kokomo with help of college you- th and some adults. Cur pro- perty protection needs the assistance of us all. Pantry Food - We have felt good about our ministry through this program. We thank Fred Seifers who wrote and dir- ected the drama interwoven with music of "Godspell"* The Youth Choir and others who assisted them are to be congratulated! Come allow the parables and story of Jesus to be presented in a fresh and contemporary way by youth of a sister congregation. I rejoice in our partnership with them in vocation- al development through the operation and support of our Church Vocation Memorial Trust Fund. Thus, those controlling the estate have no legal grounds to make the intended bequest to the church* Think of the church while in the procedd of writing your will s but, with legal aid . This musical was presented twice to responsive groups in Kokomo dur- ing November and by request will be given a third time this Friday night before coming to us on Saturday to prepare for Sunday. Clothing donations have almost overloaded us s but food supplies are needed regularly and generously. Church Vocations - Many were quite positive on Sunday to the shar- ing by Ed and Doyle. He told me that the church had been added in a hand-written codicile which was not in the original and which lacked witnesses. this Sunday evening in our Worship Nave is the time and place for this World Wide Picture production distributed through the Billy Graham Evangelistic Film Min- istry, Ince FOR PETE ? Ben Taylor and Dean Widler P a M, Merle Rice Deacons \ A.

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Opal Culbertson Mr, & Mrs, William De Vinney The Mel Evans Family Anita Jane Fitch Mr, and Mrs* Omer Guingrich and Jackie Ed* Rosalie Hall & family Doyle & April Hardy Opal Heller The Robert Hendricks Family Mary & L eland Higgins Lawrence & Pauline Horn Barton and Vivian Johnson Ralph & Jackie Keller Bert & Margaret Lever see Mrs, Laura Marks Captain Hogan Morgan (Don Morgan Family) Dorothy Morris and Children Ruby & Arthur Mowery Delores Overmyer The Passwaters - Don, Judie* Lori* Chris* Dave* Rachel Merle* Bea* Amylu & Jonny Rice Richardson Family - Fred* Renee* Fred* Jr.* Becky* Richard and Rachel Dr.

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