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The cheaters clearly know that these persons are emotionally instable and want someone's console.So, they claim themselves as widows or widowers or divorcees, in order to gain your sympathy and trust.Love scammers pretend to be looking for love, engage the affection of their possible victims by using photos from the internet to present a gorgeous view of themselves.They often target people on dating sites or in chat rooms and will repeatedly say that they are in love promptly in an effort to make the victim fall for them.With the advantage of internet, these scammers cheat persons of even same gender.• They will use IM (Internet Messenger) hours together even in unusual time zones.The scammers make opportunity to ask lot of questions that often deals with your personal bank accounts and wealth assets.• Avoid disclosing your personal information on social networking sites.5) Love Scam/ Romance Scam also popularly known as Confidence fraud is one of the most common ways adopted by scammers in order to swindle money from users.

The scammers tell their own cooked up stories and pretend to be loving and caring.• Singles, Divorcee's and widows are most vulnerable to love scam.In the urge of starting a new relationship, these women end up trusting scammers and wire out thousands of dollars to them in the name of love and care.Scammers take advantage of these increasing numbers of users in online dating sites and tend to create fake profiles and cheat in the name of love.3) The below statistics from FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center reveals the data about the most popular scam in which Americans lose hundreds of millions in online scams.The top most source of online scam reported is the romance scam or the love scam where men and women lost maximum money.4) The below chart depicts the percentage of American adults in each age group who have used online dating websites or apps.

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The highest number of users is reported in the age group 25 to 34 years followed by 35 to 44 years.