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For now i need to understand what works can people in the willage have.What can people do if they are living on the swamp and have not got enough tehnology.I plan this - she will find hungry wolf and bring him some food.Wolf is very stupid and do not do anything only eat and fuck everything he founds so that way she helped him will make a lot of problems to villagers Some thing like that - now already make Krystal possible to wear food - only need to make some chats and all will start to work But i still need some story for the game i make some parts and do not see full story line for now.Are you talking about that Krystal hit roof with her head ?If so i will fix it - it is temp solution i just create levels fast did not even test it thank you Or what 4rd wall are you talking about ? (Have a lot of sex animations with them by Gorepete ).Other ways to acknowledge is based on meta-humor, the character acknowledging what they are and make fun of the world they are around in.

But i hope one good man will help me with it By the way - if there are some body who is good in design and/or animation who want to help it will be very cool Different ideas about the game future is greate too Hey, this seems great so far! I'd love to help, but I don't have any good ideas for a storyline.

Also you can make that she can fell in love on some lizard warrior( you can make that she can choose what lizard she will love).

But she must get his attention, and must concurate with other lizard women. Are you talking about that Krystal hit roof with her head ?

But he wrote some ideas and what updates he liked to add in this game.

I hope soon you will add more sex scenes with Krystal.

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So if you have good back grounds / buttons / sounds and etc that is possible to use in the game just tell me I think that i will need it in future I advice you to look on Ivans Legend of Krystal AE (from G) - 1.02 ALPHA (ON HIATUS).