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The Channing Tatum Crush Club, or CTCC, counts me and Amanda as members.

So, fine, write me and tell me I’m wrong to be unimpressed. Look out for a page that explains these in depth soon enough… “So a winsome, accessible movie about more-or-less recognizable young people navigating the murky waters of post-sexual-revolutionary, midrecessionary heterosexual attraction has a novelty and a measure of bravery working in its favor, whatever its shortcomings. I know I know, who cares, cause she looks cute in her headband. But movieland, don’t you dare overload me and take away the sassy and special sheen that movie provided on its first viewing. Here is where we discuss ‘(500) Days of Summer’ – some highs some lows, likes dislikes, etc….. Capsule reviews for spoiler avoidance: GRADES: Nina predicted a C , actual grade: B . RATINGS: Since this is fairly new, we’ve included our ENTIRE discussion on this. "He doesn't do anything half way, this guy, so he orchestrated this really elaborate workshop. Getting high and watching ‘Seventeen Again’ on opening night with two other closeted lovers of Zac Efron is really fun. , she takes off his sunglasses, and everyone wonders, why does she take them off like that? But there are many designations and I need some help. First up, the standard ‘Crush Club‘ – so far I have three.

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It was just me and him all day long for eight days straight, and he said 'by the end of these eight days you'll be able to walk on the wire by yourself,' and I thought that sounded ambitious, but he's such a positive thinker.

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