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The two went horseback riding on the beach and in the water, which De Anna thought was "extremely romantic" and led to the first of numerous kisses they would share on the date.As they sat down for a picnic, De Anna asked why it took so long for Jesse to be romantic with her.However he was still able to muster a line that seemingly worked wonders in his favor.

It's a million different things, and she had it all." "I always wanted to truly fall in love with someone, I really did. "I don't want to lose another person that I care about. I don't know what I do from here." seventh fourth-season episode began with De Anna preparing to leave for Grand Bahama Island, where she would spend some quality time with each of her three remaining suitors. I just don't want to lose another person that I love."It seemed like he was holding back on me a little bit today," commented De Anna.They kissed and she presented him with the Fantasy Suite Card, which he accepted before he even finished reading.Jason then gave De Anna a necklace and thanked her for something that he said hadn't happened to him in a long time. I could definitely see myself spending my life with Jason," said De Anna in a confessional.

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"Thank you for teaching me that I can fall in love again... "Everything just kind of fell into place -- went perfectly.

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