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Like their American hip-hop counterparts, in the space of a decade they would go from the streets to the charts.Someone put the echo on, and it was heard around the the 2000s.The rewind allows the audience to have a conversation with the performer. Reggae historian David Katz points to this as a plausible beginning for the rewind. The album, he said, would allow DJs to toast continuously without stopping and rewinding the music.It is the great equalizer, ensuring the discourse of music does not flow just one way. For him, it starts with “the popular demand factor, because of the shock of something new.” This shockwave of the new courses through all of the music styles that sound systems have influenced. In sound system culture, the selector is in charge of the records while the DJ talks. This gives us a key inspiration of early rewind culture: DJs sometimes needed to bring the tune back because they had more to say. Rewinds became so essential to Jamaican dances that live bands incorporated them. and America throughout the 1960s and 1970s, the rewind went with them, hidden in the selector’s bag of tricks. Kool Herc is extending breaks (the funkiest drum parts of records) to keep the dancers moving. Early hip-hop and sound system culture have much in common.But if Max Martin has taught us anything, it’s that great pop music doesn’t have to have great lyrics – often a melodic hook is enough.

British kids did the same with Jamaican music and sound systems to create much of the country’s musical innovations. From the 1970s onwards, the table they played on increasingly began to resemble a sound system. British sound systems Soul II Soul and The Wild Bunch (part of which would later become the group Massive Attack) battle it out on New Year’s Eve, in the same spirit as the sound system battles that entertained Jamaicans in Kingston.A good rewind is that rare thing in life: a product of the moment.If the timing is right, a rewind will bring excitement to the dancefloor, a celebration of the music being played, an energy charge for the place and the people.Some rewinds are smooth, the record stopping by use of the turntable’s start/stop button, while others are a little rougher, the needle hurtling across the vinyl’s grooves as a hand frantically spins the record back.A rewind sounds like this: ►And it looks something like this: I love rewinds.

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Although Shaggy, Beenie Man and Sean Paul had respectable runs in the 90s and 2000s.

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