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You do not need to perform a granular analysis of each table column to determine the columns that need encryption.In addition, TDE tablespace encryption takes advantage of bulk encryption and caching to provide enhanced performance.For this external security module, Oracle uses an Oracle wallet or Hardware Security Module (HSM), as described in this chapter.

In this release, we have added some security enhancements such as invalidating your session when you logout and hiding snapshots of information when multi-tasking on your phone.

There is one Citizen bug addressed in this fix that removes the “no category” option from the category selector.

Transparent Data Encryption(TDE) enables you to encrypt sensitive data, such as credit card numbers, stored in tables and tablespaces.

Figure 8-1shows an overview of the TDE column encryption process.

As shown in Figure 8-1, the master encryption key is stored in an external security module that is outside the database and accessible only to the security administrator.

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